Thoughts: Where is your manga community?

Here’s something that’s been running through my head for a bit: What is the manga (or anime) community like where you live, if there is one?

For me personally, I specifically starting blogging because I really like manga, but I’ve yet to find a community of sorts to really get into my hobby and discuss it. I live in Kentucky, and while not the manga capital of the world (despite popular belief, I know) I live in a decent sized city that has things like a university anime club, manga at libraries, and anime clubs at the library. Still I’ve yet to feel a sense of community outside of the internet.

I’ve always imagined the mecha of manga fandom to be centered on the West Coast and New York City, with their Bookoffs and Kunokuniya’s and Viz’s and Tokyopop’s. I figured that was the place to be. Any time I go out of town anywhere, I google to see if the place I’m visiting has anything manga (or anime) related. I’d like to visit California one day, where I’m sure streets are lined with pages of manga. 🙂

What do you all think? Is there an area in the country (the United States, that is) “best-suited” for an manga fan? Is there a sense of community outside of the internet? If not, can it be created?

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