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Manga Review: Complex Age, Vol 1

Complex Age 1Author: Yui Sakuma
Genre: Seinen, Drama
Publisher: Kodansha (US) / Kodansha (JP)
Release Date: June 21, 2016
Original Magazine: Weekly Morning
A review copy was provided by the publisher.

Like many of us, mid-twenties temp office worker Nagisa Kataura post-work hobbies are what maintain her sanity. In Nagisa’s case cosplay is what makes her tick — dressing as the popular magical girl anime character, Ururu in particular. Well-liked in online communities and popular at cosplay gatherings, in costume Nagisa is fan-made, hand-made perfection, but can she keep her favorite hobby a secret — as well as her insecurities — forever?

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Manga Review: Livingstone, Vol 1

LivingstoneTitle: Livingstone, Vol 1
Author: Tomohiro Maekawa / Jinsei Kataoka (Art)
Genre: Seinen, Drama
Publisher: Kodansha (US)/ Kodansha (JP)
Release Date: November 3, 2015
Original Magazine: Morning

Despite being from the creator of Deadman Wonderland — at least the art, anyway — Livingstone seemed oddly overlooked when it was released early last month. Here we have a duo that deals strictly in death — the more serious-minded Sakurai and the boyish Amano. Together, they visit folks on the edge of very personal, final choice, and attempt to literally save their souls. Was this quiet, under the radar series worth taking for a spin?

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Manga Review: Flowers & Bees, Vol 1

Flowers and BeesTitle: Flowers & Bees, Vol 1
Author: Moyoco Anno
Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Drama
Publisher: Viz (US)/  Kodansha (JP)
Original Magazine: Young Magazine
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I’m right in the demographic for the majority of her female-focused works, but Moyoco Anno is one of those manga artists who tends to be hit or miss for me. Sometimes her series read like a gut punch, too close to home to readily read again, like In Clothes Called Fat. Others I can nod my head and relate to as I’m reading, but they don’t leave a lasting impression. Viz’s 2003 release of the seven volume seinen series Flowers and Bees may just be the Anno sweet spot I need for her to stick permanently in my mind.

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Manga Review Project: Crunchyroll’s Scum’s Wish

Scum's WishTitle: Scum’s Wish
Author: Mengo Yokoyari
Genre: Seinen, Drama, Romance
Publisher: Crunchyroll (US) / Square Enix (JP)
Original Magazine: Big Gangan
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Currently Available: 4 volumes, ongoing

Most experience unrequited love a time or two (or three, or four…) in life. Whether it’s longing gazes going unreturned, hopeful texts going unanswered, or a frantic confession turned down, unresolved feelings, especially as a teenager, can prove difficult to deal with. At first glance our main couple in Scum’s Wish has seemingly hit the jackpot; Mugi is the kind and considerate boyfriend of any girl’s dreams, while Hanabi’s cute and friendly personality draws admiration from both other boys and girls. Unbeknownst to anyone else though, Mugi and Hanabi hold one mutual secret: They don’t really want each other.

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Manga Review: Tokyo Ghoul, Vol 1

Tokyo Ghoul 1Title: Tokyo Ghoul, Vol 1
Author: Sui Ishida
Genre: Seinen, Drama, Horror
Publisher: Viz (US)/ Shueisha (JP)
Original Magazine: Weekly Young Jump

Ken Kaneki has eyes for the quiet girl at the coffee shop. She’s cute and admittedly fairly busty, but more importantly she just so happens to have the same literary taste as Kaneki. Despite all the “ghoul” sightings around town and people turning up dead regularly, Kaneki is thrilled when a dropped book and a chance encounter earn him a dream date. Unfortunately for him, that quiet girl in the coffee shop wants to do more than bond over books…

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