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Manga Review: Complex Age, Vol 1

Complex Age 1Author: Yui Sakuma
Genre: Seinen, Drama
Publisher: Kodansha (US) / Kodansha (JP)
Release Date: June 21, 2016
Original Magazine: Weekly Morning
A review copy was provided by the publisher.

Like many of us, mid-twenties temp office worker Nagisa Kataura post-work hobbies are what maintain her sanity. In Nagisa’s case cosplay is what makes her tick — dressing as the popular magical girl anime character, Ururu in particular. Well-liked in online communities and popular at cosplay gatherings, in costume Nagisa is fan-made, hand-made perfection, but can she keep her favorite hobby a secret — as well as her insecurities — forever?

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Manga Review: Tokyo Ghoul, Vol 1

Tokyo Ghoul 1Title: Tokyo Ghoul, Vol 1
Author: Sui Ishida
Genre: Seinen, Drama, Horror
Publisher: Viz (US)/ Shueisha (JP)
Original Magazine: Weekly Young Jump

Ken Kaneki has eyes for the quiet girl at the coffee shop. She’s cute and admittedly fairly busty, but more importantly she just so happens to have the same literary taste as Kaneki. Despite all the “ghoul” sightings around town and people turning up dead regularly, Kaneki is thrilled when a dropped book and a chance encounter earn him a dream date. Unfortunately for him, that quiet girl in the coffee shop wants to do more than bond over books…

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Manga Review: Real, Vol 1

Real 1

Title: Real, Vol 1
Author: Takehiko Inoue
Genre: Drama, Seinen, Sports
Publisher: Viz (US) / Shueisha (JP)
Original Magazine: Weekly Young Jump

Tomomi Nomiya’s life never seems to work out anymore. There’s the motorcycle accident that destroyed the life of an otherwise random girl he picked up, and then he’s quit the basketball team — what should be the most carefree years of his life are now marred by intense guilt. Nomiya can’t bring himself to stop visiting the now mute girl in the hospital though, and it’s there that he stumbles across the wheelchair bound Kiyoharu Togawa playing basketball. At the same time, a third basketball player, Hisanobu Takahashi, has his life — and body — shattered by a bike accident. Despite their struggles, all three men share one commonality — a love for basketball.

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Manga Review: A Silent Voice, Vol 1

A Silent Voice 1Title: A Silent Voice, Vol 1
Author: Yoshitoshi Oima
Genre: Drama, Shonen
Publisher: Kodansha (US) / Kodansha (JP)
Original Magazine: Weekly Shonen Magazine

Childhood is a constant battle against boredom. Made-up monsters, villains, and heroes help pass the time between the doldrums of school, homework, and a warm bath. Elementary school student Shoya regularly locks horns with boredom, but manages to stave it off by roughhousing with his friends and playing video games. When Shoya senses some of his friends ditching the fun and games for cram school he worries he’s losing his noble fight; that is until the new transfer student, Shoko, introduces innocently introduces herself with a notepad. Shoko is deaf, and little does she know that her innocent introduction has made her the target of Shoya’s boredom…

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Manga Review: The Garden of Words

The Garden of WordsTitle: The Garden of Words
Author: Makoto Shinkai (Story) / Midori Motohashi (Art)
Genre: Romance, Drama, Seinen
Publisher: Vertical (US)/ Kodansha (JP)
Original Magazine: Monthly Afternoon

The Garden of Words, released by Vertical in late 2014, is based off of the anime film of the same name by lauded director Makoto Shinkai. In the film, a mid-morning chance encounter in a Tokyo park between a beer drinking, chocoholic older woman and a high school boy who dreams of making shoes turns into 46 minutes of two people finding hope on rainy days — and in one another. Though the movie was quick to earn a spot on my DVD shelf, I was hesitant to pick up the manga, for fear that any adaption wouldn’t carry the emotional weight that the movie did for me. Despite that, I am a sucker for pretty manga covers and decided to take the plunge on the manga adaption this past weekend.

I read it twice.

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