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Manga Review: Idol Dreams, Vol 1

Idol Dreams 1Author: Arina Tanemura
Genre: Drama, Romance, Magical Girl
Publisher: Viz Media (US) / Hakusensha (JP)
Release Date: November 3, 2015
Original Magazine: Melody

Chikage Deguchi believes you’re romantically popular only three times in your life. At 31, she’s only lucked out once, as a teenager. Since then Chikage’s been in a romantic rut, and it’s not something she’s proud of — especially since she’s still a virgin. When word gets out about her lack of romantic experience she’s ready to throw in the towel, until an experimental drug gives her a chance to re-do her teenage years — as an idol!

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Twitter Tuesday: May 6, 2014

This week seems to be considerably hotter than the last. This doesn’t particularly please me. Regardless, have some tweets to cool off! This week: Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon fanart, and Redline!

Did you catch Attack on Titan on Toonami this past Saturday? Opening got sliced, but that first episode is great.

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