Feedly Friday: May 8, 2015

Feedly Friday is a biweekly round-up of manga-related links from my Feedly/RSS reader and around the web.

And so comes a slow rebirth of the link round-up! I particularly missed posting these, as there’s so much great content in the manga-sphere. Expect Feedly Fridays round-ups to appear every other week. In the meantime, let’s dive back in!

Over at the home-base Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, there’s a giveaway to be had: Enter to win one of three hardcover copies of the forthcoming Yen Press re-release of Emma! I can’t quite describe how much I love this series, and how much I love that it’s getting the deluxe re-release that it so deserves, but this enthused comment certainly shows that I’m not alone!

Also at OSAG, Justin reviews the first volume of Tokyo Ghoul while I tackle the first volume of Meteor Prince. I even got quoted on the Shojo Beat tumblr page!

Looking for another giveaway? Kodansha is giving away the first volume of A Silence Voice on Goodreads. If you’re on the fence about the series — and you shouldn’t be — the series is also available digitally on Crunchyroll.

Over at ANN, this week’s House of 1000 manga takes a different angle and reviews three books about the actual life of a manga artist.

Frog-kun of Fantastic Memes takes a look at “Anime Fandom and Self-Deprecating Humor.” He has some great commentary, especially on self-deprecating humor actually maintaining the status quo.

Over in shoujo land, Shojo Beat posts their pretty releases for the month, and Heart of Manga rounds us out with a month full of releases.

My favorite monthly post appears again (and my eyes go green with collector’s envy) with Ash’s Bookshelf Overload.

For something different, Sedar explores a Korean animated film centered on bullying entitled King of Pigs.

In a small roundup reviews, Manga Test Drive is keeping us busy all through May with review highlights like High School Debut and Ristorante Paradiso. Anna at Manga Report looks at volumes 1-3 of Magi as well as one of my personal favorites, Master Keaton.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to shoot me links in the comments!

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