Feedly Friday: April 18, 2014

Feedly Friday is a weekly round-up of manga-related links from my Feedly/RSS reader and around the web.

First, the customary OASG roundup: This week we have Yen Press freelancer Abigail Blackman’s thoughts on manga licensing and manga editing. Justin also catches up with manga translator Adrienne Beck on the new Viz series Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma.

Finally, favorite manga blogger Ash does a fantastic round-up on OASG.

Lauren Orsini at the┬áThe Otaku Journalist had some really interesting content this week. First, she tackles her “Ridiculously Simple Anime Piracy Theory” with two main thoughts: (1) anime fans want to support creators but (2) they don’t want to have to work hard to do it. While my personal experiences have been a bit different at times — I’ve run into fans that could really care less about creator support, and proudly so — the article is a really interesting discussion starter. Lauren also links to a great piece on piracy by Tony Yao of Otaku Project.

Next, Lauren interviews Kevo, the editor in chief Anime Maru, “The Onion” news site for anime. Trust me that the site is as hilarious as it sounds, with gems such as “Anime Reviewer Actually Likes New Show, Summarily Beaten to Death by Coworkers” and “Oda Eiichiro Discovers Good Pacing, Realizes One Piece Should Have Been 200 Chapters.”

There’s an interesting Kickstarter going for a book about the history of modern manga.

A traveling manga library! A non-profit in South Carolina provides free manga for cons and other fan gatherings that may not have access to manga. It would be great to see this spread to other cities!

Alex Hoffman, who I’ve been following for a number of years on Manga Widget, launches his new comics blog, A Sequential State.

Want to win a free copy of Viz’s new upcoming shoujo manga Say I Love You? Today is the last day to enter a giveaway for volume 1 of the series at Comics Worth Reading. I’ve already got my first volume on preorder!

The esteemed Helen McCarthy talks a bit about her upcoming book, A Brief History of Manga. I’ve got this one on preorder too, and am really crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to get up to Anime Central this year to meet Ms. McCarthy in person!

Have some reviews: ANN serves up the first volume of Deadman Wonderland, while Ash makes the OOP collector in me wildly jealous with his review of the yuri series Maka Maka.

And finally: Ben Applegate of Kodansha comics addresses piracy/fan scanlations — easily my favorite piece in awhile.

What a week!

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