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Reboot and Roundup

Well, Manga Connection is alive again. With this iteration comes a paid domain; the custom web space is cool, but my hope is also to continually update so as not to hear the vague flushing sound of money down the toilet.

Regardless, I am here and my manga shelves are still buckling under the weight of over a decade of manga collecting. I still contribute over at Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, and Justin makes sure to yell at me occasionally to keep my rear in gear.

For those not familiar with me, feel free to check out my about page or follow me on Twitter, where I’m most active. You can also check out my older “My History With Manga.” For now, below is a round-up of some of my older manga-related writings both here and an OASG; more content is scheduled to be posted shortly.

Manga Moveable Feast: This category includes my contributions to the wonderful (but now defunct) Manga Moveable Feasts. Check out the Usamaru Furuya MMF as well as the Jiro Taniguchi MMF.

Most recently I did a piece at Organization Anti-Social Geniuses entitled, “Why For Some Manga, One Size Doesn’t Fit All,” where I look at the varying trim sizes in US manga releases. I’ll also have a licensing-related piece ready to post there shortly, but I also have a fair number of reviews in the archives there as well. I also help to maintain the yearly manga releases list.

You can also take a look at the “About the Blog” page for some general ideas on what to expect here in the coming weeks. Thanks for joining me!

(And you really should follow me on Twitter.)


New post tomorrow (or double Wednesday) to make up for today, enjoying the last of my Memorial Day Weekend! (That, and I actually sort of forgot it was Monday…)

I did pick up Bakuman this weekend, though. 😀 Let’s see how I’ll like it~