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The Oddity of Adulthood: Pondering Punpun

PunpunThe adults in Asano Inio’s Goodnight Punpun are very strange, and very destructive. The stranger set, like one of the school administrators, play hide and seek with an gleeful abandon normally only reserved for children. The homeroom teacher might seem fairly normal, until someone trips a nerve about undone homework and he’s banging his head against the desk at top speed. Then there’s the more destructive set of adults, like Punpun’s father. He’s a bit too fond of alcohol, but decidedly less fond of his wife — or at least the responsibility and failure she reminds him of. Punpun’s mother isn’t much better, lamenting the life she has, wishing she were childless and untethered. There are Punpun’s friends too and even his acquaintances — somewhere along the line, all the parents, all the adults, forgot to put the kids first.

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My Top Five 2015 Manga Licenses

2015, in my book, was the Year of Manga. Summer con season really blew the doors open; we got things we thought we would never see stateside — josei titles old and new, more 4-koma, and long-running sports manga. Every time I turned around there seemed to be a new license worth celebrating!

Thankfully, while my head was spinning all year Reverse Thieves continually kept a very through list of “All The Titles Fit to License, 2015 Edition” making this year-end look back far easier than it should be. Though it was tough to whittle it down, below you’ll find my top five manga licenses for 2015.

Planetes5. Planetes | Makoto Yukimura | Dark Horse | Volume 1: December 22, 2015

This one hit store shelves within the last week, but its initial announcement back in April of this year made me glad I’d get to see this missed gem. Initially licensed by Tokyopop back in the day, the series fell into purgatory after the company shut it doors a few years ago. And while I just so happened to stumble across the first two volumes second-hand for cheap earlier this year, one flip through the large trim, spruced up Dark Horse version let’s me know this is where my Christmas Barnes and Noble gift card is going.

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Thoughts: Animanga Controversies

“Animanga Controversies” has been floating around for a bit; essentially various anime and manga bloggers have tackled some of the common “controversies” within fandom. It’s been interesting to see various bloggers stances, as well as it being a great way to get to know people, and I was finally properly inspired by fellow OASG-er Neomo’s recent post to add my thoughts, too.

1. Anime VS Manga

Great question! Seeing as this is firmly a manga blog, well…

Still, picking one over the other is a bit of disservice to the roots of my fandom, as I would most assuredly not be a manga fan were it not for the Sailor Moon anime. The Sailor Moon anime led to the Sailor Moon manga… and here we are, over a decade later.

Up until a few years ago though, manga would have unanimously been my answer based on price point alone. It’s far easier for me to amass “Please God, don’t ever let me have to move” levels of manga than it is anime, though anime in far cheaper than it used to be. That being said, I enjoy a full bookshelf so… manga it is.

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My Top 5 Manga Romances

Even though February is behind us, true love supposedly never dies — and neither does discounted Valentine’s Day candy, apparently. As the month drew to a close, I found myself thinking of what some of my top manga romances would be. While I’ve never specifically sought out romance manga, a romance of some sort seems unavoidable in most major entertainment media. While I don’t consider myself a hopeless romantic, there are a few manga romances that made my heart flutter…

So, to close out a long and bitterly cold winter, here, in no particular order, is the list of my Top 5 Manga Romances!

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Disaster! Which Manga Would You Save?

Monster Perfect Edition 1Here’s a question I imagine most manga fans — or any collectors, really — have probably briefly pondered: If your house were on fire (and you had time to only take a handful), which manga would you save?

Unfortunately this question is inspired by a recent real life experience; not long after New Years, my apartment building caught on fire. I actually didn’t have time to grab any stuff (remember: shoes are important!), but thankfully everyone made it out (including my cat) and the majority of my stuff is intact, if a little smoky!

I did eventually go back, and I had a few manga series that I absolutely wanted to make sure were safely taken with me or carefully tucked in storage. Hit the jump to see my list!

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