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A monthly roundup of manga purchases and finds.

More Manga: November 2014

November MangaNovember is my birth month, which means I had a ton of manga and anime related things for free. So many Barnes and Noble gift cards…

November also marked a return to my fandom roots and a few other anime purchases worth mentioning — hit the jump!

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More Manga: September/October 2014

Flowers of Evil 11Somewhere in the midst of everything (read: job + laziness), I got particularly behind on listing my monthly manga escapades. The lack of “More Manga” posts is definitely not a reflection of how often I buy manga; in fact, this month will include the double whammy of manga for September and October — just hit the jump!

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More Manga: August 2014

Library Wars
Just when I thought adulthood would cause me to have to significantly curtail my manga shopping, I land a fresh new gig mid-August that allows me to be able to purchase manga for another day. Lucky, I am.

August was bit out of character for me in that I nabbed a couple of manga sets off of Ebay, the best being volumes 1-11 of Library Wars for only $60. Hit the jump for the full list.

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More Manga: July 2014

July Manga
Yes, the fact that these are shelved out of order is driving me nuts, too.

I scaled back my manga purchasing in July, but I seem to have really great luck with cheap OOP finds regardless. This month I nailed Genshiken volumes 2-8 for a grand total of $4! Hit the jump to see the rest of my list for the past month.
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More Manga: June 2014

My purchases from Rightstuf. Shoujo wins out this month!
My purchases from Rightstuf. Shoujo wins out this month!

I’m overdue, but I had a considerable amount of manga pick-ups for June. As I mentioned prior, I decided to switch things up and order from dedicated anime/manga online retailer Rightstuf. I had a great experience, and you can read more about that over at OASG. Hit the jump for the list!

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