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5945a7ddbe551792b15622f651419f1cManga Reviewer / Manga Managing Editor @ The OASG (2012-2015/2015-current):
Manga Reviewer @ The Fandom Post (2016-current)

I’m a 28 year old blerd of the lady-variety based in KY, USA. I like manga, a lot. Surprise!

I’ve been into manga since my pre-teen years, and in 2012 I took my love for manga to the blogosphere and joined Organization Anti-Social Geniuses as a manga reviewer. My personal Manga Connection blog (in another form) preceded OASG in the same year (and was revived in 2014 with a new domain name), but I consider OASG my home. In 2015 I became the Manga Managing Editor there, and nowadays I help oversee the manga-related content on the site. While many links to my older reviews there are currently not available due to a recent domain change, I have reviewed a number of series and plan to compile a review index soon. I work with a great group of folks — check us out!

In early 2016 I also happily joined The Fandom Post as a Manga Reviewer.

Content is a bit looser here on Manga Connection, but you can expect to see reviews, link roundups, and various thoughts on the US manga industry. Any items reviewed here are items I own; any review copies will be designated as such.

All that said, manga has been a big part of my life for a long time! I tend to enjoy series that are a bit “darker” in tone, like Berserk, Blade of the Immortal, and The Flowers of Evil. I also occasionally enjoy a good angsty romance, and favorites include Dengeki Daisy and We Were There. Favorite creators include Naoki Urasawa, Asano Inio, and Kaoru Mori.

When I’m not reading manga, I enjoy watching anime (naturally), browsing bookstores (because that’s where the manga is, or so I’ve heard), hanging on Anitwitter (while scream tweeting Shondaland TV shows), and cheering on my local United Soccer League team when they’re in season (someone please explain offsides, though).

My goal is to connect with manga fans and to write about manga. If you’d like to chat comics, please feel free to contact me on Twitter at @manjiorin or via email at manga[dot]connect@gmail[dot]com.

4 thoughts on “About Me

    1. No problem! I’m always happy to see people doing great things with manga, especially in places that may not always have easy access.

  1. Anything by Naoki Urasawa is amazing. Great taste. Pluto was actually the first manga I read and what brought me to reading more Japanese comics. All the best for your blog, love it 🙂

    1. Pluto is a great manga to start with, definitely! Monster was just recently reprinted here too after being out of print for a number of years. The new editions are really nice.

      Thanks for the positive comment! I enjoy your blog too. You always take such nice pictures.

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